By Jacob | August 4, 2009

ZViDEO Announces Availability of Surveillance Video System for Law Enforcement Market

– Economical system allows investigators to quickly search surveillance video for specific content –

SAN DIEGO – August 4, 2009 — ZViDEO, a division of mission-ready computing systems manufacturer Z Microsystems, today announced it is now shipping the Surveillance Video System (SVS), an advanced video search software economically priced for the law enforcement market. SVS software is used by investigators to quickly search large quantities of surveillance video footage and provide results on specific content.

SVS was developed for investigative agencies that need to review hours of live surveillance video to find critical evidence. With SVS, investigators can clip specific footage while recording and immediately send it to a case officer. This saves time and speeds the ability to take action quickly. For example, when reviewing surveillance video of a front door, SVS will provide the video clips of those going in or out of the door, not cars or people who are passing by. Once SVS finds the content needed, viewers can drag a clip to the player and watch the video frame by frame, in real time, fast forward, or anything in between.

With SVS advanced features, law enforcement and investigators can:

  • Change areas of interest (front door, garage), select multiple areas of interest, and get instant results
  • Make investigative notes while reviewing the surveillance footage
  • View automatic timeline for quick search and navigation that displays time, dates, day and night transitions, and mark scene changes and other annotations
  • Use included video filters to aid in viewing, including grey scale, solarize, invert, de-interlace, de-speckle, edge detection, time overlay, motion detect, over exposure and more

“After two years of extensive research and testing, we feel confident that the SVS software will save time and money for police investigators and government agencies,” said Mike Flax, director of homeland security markets for ZViDEO. “SVS allows law enforcement officers to find critical pieces of evidence and quickly share them with others who need the evidence to investigate and prosecute criminals. No other system on the market that can provide this level of sophistication in video surveillance analysis at a reasonable price.”

SVS software supports MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, DV25, DV50, DV100 ProHD, and MJPEG video standards. For analog video users, SVS can digitize long duration time-lapse video tapes in as short as two hours with the purchase of the optional SVS specialized encoder package.

For more information or a demo of the SVS software, contact Mike Flax at

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