ZX2C Lightweight Server

The ZX2C rugged server is a 2U lightweight computer built for airborne applications. Starting from the ZX2 architecture, the ZX2C incorporates new lightweight design elements including a modified 750W DC power supply, new structural support brackets and a carbon fiber lid. Weighing an impressive 19 lbs, the ZX2C chassis supports up to 6 TranzPak 2 removable hard-drives, 3x 16 PCI expansion slots, and dual SkyLake processors providing performance in an optimized package, making it the premier rugged computing solution for airborne ISR applications.

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Product Highlights

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Ideal for Airborne Applications

The ZX2C provides all the processing and storage capability of a high-end server in a lightweight package that meets full DO-160 compliance making it ideal for airborne applications.

Carbon fiber elements are used to reduce weight in the airborne server

Weight Savings Where It Counts

At only 19 lbs, the lightweight ZX2C server is engineered with carbon fiber elements to reduce weight resulting in a rugged server that’s stronger than ever before, yet 5lbs lighter than its predecessor.


Easy to Remove Storage Drives

The ZX2C rugged server can support up to 6 removable TranzPak 2 storage drives (8TB each), allowing for frequent insertion and removal of data ensuring sensitive information is always kept safe.

ZX2C Features


2U rack height (3.4”)

Configurations starting at 19 lbs.

3 axis hold-downs for PCIe cards for shock and vibration compliance

Environmental control board & system status monitoring

19″ RETMA rack-mountable

Thermal channels for proper cooling of high performance COTS

Lightweight, carbon fiber and aluminum enclosure

Field-replaceable dust filter

2 x front access USB 3.0 ports


Intel® Xeon® scalable processors

Dual socket, up to 3.7ghz 24 core Xeon® processors

Up to 2TB memory (2048GB)

Support for 2x 16 + 1 x8 PCIe expansion card

Raid configurable data storage

Up to 48TB of removable TRANZPAK 2 based storage


Conformal coating

High performance GPU options

Locking security door option

ROHS compliant option

Slim DVD-RW or optical device

Positive locking power connector

750W DC

EMI power filter

Tech Specs


The ZX2C lightweight server meets full MIL-SPEC compliance for shock, vibration, temperature, EMI/EMC, and altitude specifications. MIL-SPEC Design and Certifications:


Download for features, tech specs, and mechanical drawings to see if the ZX2C Lightweight Rugged Server is the right fit for your program.

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All ZMicro products feature a 3 Year Standard Warranty, with options for extended and onsite warranties giving you added protection.


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