ZMicro is committed to providing rugged computing solutions to meet your requirements for durability, reliability, and optimal performance. All our products are designed to be highly customizable to accommodate program specifications. Our extensive on-site engineering and manufacturing capabilities combined with our proven line of products enable us to provide fast turnarounds on standard and build to spec products.

CUSTOM solutions

Your program’s needs are unique and specific. Oftentimes your solution needs to be as well. Let ZMicro help tailor a product to fit your precise program needs. We’ll take your “shall statements” or a sketch on the back of a napkin and show you how we leverage our proven design and manufacturing practices to deliver you a qualified product ready to perform.


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Optimized for Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), the ZX1C-18 airborne server features the Intel 3rd generation Xeon scalable processors. It provides nearly 50% performance improvement and more than double the memory capacity of the previous generation. Multiple PCIe expansion slots broaden system capabilities while NVMe based storage provides blazing fast read-write speeds. The carbon fiber lid and machined aluminum design results in a structurally robust yet lightweight computing solution.



The Aquila 122 Rugged Ultra Reality display provides users an immersive experience akin to virtual reality but does not impair the user’s situational awareness. The Ultra Reality technology leverages an optical filter and a curved mirror to create a viewing experience where the user perceives a large screen with a wide field of view.  It provides a perceived screen size of over 10 feet and delivers a 100 degree field of view.


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The ZMicro Advantage


Our products are designed and manufactured on-site. Every process, from development through production and testing, is closely monitored to ensure outstanding quality and relentless reliability.

Custom Solutions

Whether you are looking for off-the-shelf, complete build-to-spec, or something in-between, we can meet your requirements. Our extensive customization capabilities combined with our proven line of products enables us to provide fast turnaround

Military Expertise

ZMicro has been a preferred supplier to military contractors for more than 30 years. With a keen understanding of each military market, our rugged computer platforms are deployed on all branches of the armed services.

Our Commitment

ZMicro understands the high stakes involved with military programs, and that the performance of our products are critical to mission success. ZMicro is committed to delivering the industry’s most reliable, highquality products and outstanding support to customers.

Industry-Leading Visualization

INSIGHT: Real-Time Video Enhancement System

The Insight video enhancement system improves visual clarity in live video to reveal remarkable detail in degraded visual environments where factors such as fog, rain, dust, smoke, underwater, low light, or bright light can limit visibility.

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Industry Solutions

Innovative Technologies

Custom Video Controller

Customizable Video Controllers

Providing you flexibility for program specific requirements, ZMicro offers its own video controllers enabling rapid customization for unique video sources and signals while extending product life-cycles by supporting COTS LCD changes without impacting product form, fit or function.

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Improve Visual Clarity In Live Video With Rtev

Get more value from your video with our real-time enhancement video (RTEV) capabilities. RTEV dramatically improves visibility in fog, rain, dust, smoke, underwater, low-light, bright-light and other degraded visual environments.

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Quality You Can Depend On: AS9100 Certified

ZMicro’s manufacturing facility is located at its headquarters in San Diego, California, just north of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Our quality system is certified to the AS9100:2016 and ISO-9001:2015 standard. We employ a lean manufacturing mindset, eliminating waste and focusing only on activities that add value to your project – resulting in faster delivery times and high standards of excellence. ZMicro’s 11,000-foot production floor houses our team of highly trained and certified production technicians.

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