Customer Driven Culture

ZMicro is in business to satisfy customers. While great products may get us in the door, it’s our focus on customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and advocacy that is the foundation of our company. We invest a lot of time and resources to gain a complete understanding of our customers and the market. This enables us to design solutions that exactly fit the needs of a particular customer or market. We are committed to customer success before, during, and after the sale. This means that we make every effort to deliver high-quality products and services, coupled with excellent customer service and support. We offer product guarantees, warranties, service, and support that ensure our products will continue to meet your requirements through the lifetime of your program. Our customer-driven culture has enabled us to build a strong company that has withstood the test of time and continues to thrive.

Military-First Product Focus

ZMicro has been developing products specifically for military markets for more than thirty years. While many our products have been adopted for use in other industries, military solutions have always been and will always be our first priority. Our deep understanding of military programs and military product requirements enables us to produce products that can be relied upon in military applications. Our solutions are truly rugged solutions and designed for long-term program life-cycle protection.

Expertly Customized Solutions

ZMicro has the in-house engineering know-how and on-site manufacturing capability to deliver solutions that meet the unique requirements of your program. Our team can work with you to modify an existing product to meet your exact needs, or we can work in collaboration with you to develop a custom solution. We implement mature production and quality processes that enable us to rapidly configure our manufacturing line for new and custom products. This allows us to quickly and reliably deliver consistently high-quality products.

Knowledgeable Sales Team

Our account managers are solutions experts with years of experience addressing the needs of military customers and working closely with program managers. When you work with ZMicro, we will assign an account manager who will listen carefully to fully understand your requirements and put together a team within ZMicro with the right skills to work with you to identify the solutions you need. Your account manager will have the knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure your customer experience with ZMicro is satisfying and productive.

Made in USA

All ZMicro products are manufactured on site in the United States. We use local suppliers for metal, PCBAs (printed circuit board assemblies) and all other system components whenever possible. Likewise, all design, assembly and test services reside in the USA. This ensures we have full visibility into all aspects of production and manufacturing and allows us to maintain the tight controls and strict oversight necessary for delivering consistently high-quality products.


Custom Video Controller


Providing you flexibility for program specific requirements, ZMicro offers its own video controllers enabling rapid customization for unique video sources and signals while extending product life-cycles by supporting COTS LCD changes without impacting product form, fit or function.

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Get more value from your video with our real-time enhancement video (RTEV) capabilities. RTEV dramatically improves visibility in fog, rain, dust, smoke, underwater, low-light, bright-light and other degraded visual environments.

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