Insight Video Processor

The Insight Video Processor is a compact, rugged stand-alone system that can be plugged into any system architecture to enable real-time video enhancement and artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning capabilities by combining the technology of Insight and NVIDIA®‘s Jetson TX2 module. With the power of the Insight Video processor, you can instantly reveal details the human eye is unable to detect, providing you with the information necessary to make mission-critical decisions much faster.

Product Highlights

Decode/Encode IP Video

The Insight Video Processor decodes incoming IP video, applies RTEV to the video, then encodes it while minimizing the perceived latency to users. This allows users to enhance video from numerous IP sources without changing any input cables to the unit.


Seamless System Integration

The Insight Video Processor is a rugged appliance designed for plug and play installation into any existing architecture. The stand-alone system enhances video without impacting existing architectural hardware or software.


Easy To Use Controls

You can quickly adjust enhancements to your video content to reveal greater visual detail using the front panel control, standard API calls, or using a remote JAVA client. Once adjustments are fine-tuned for your application, you can save the settings and apply them to future videos.



Underwater video typically exhibits degradation due to the scattering of light due to the water. RTEV pulls the details of underwater objects out and clarifies difficult to see objects.


Smoke creates a low contrast environment where differentiation in details is lost. RTEV helps the eye see the subtle variations that are captured by the sensor.


Smog obscures important information in video preventing the user from seeing all the variations in the scene. RTEV excels in smoggy video as it highlights the details otherwise washed-out to the user.



Snow creates an environment where fine details are lost due to the overwhelming amount of brightness in the video. RTEV increases the dynamic range and lets the user see scene variations otherwise undetectable to the human eye.

Take Your Video Further with AI Deep Learning Technology

The Insight Video Processor pairs video enhancement algorithms with a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 for video focused Deep Learning applications. The Jetson TX2 provides advanced CUDA processing capabilities in a low-powered embedded solution. The Jetson TX2 256-core GPU is designed to host ZMicro designed applications such as 2D stabilization and video annotations as well as host 3rd party algorithms such as facial detection and object detection.

Powerful Video Features

Object & Facial Detection

The possibilities are endless with AI facial and object detection which can be applied to image retrieval, security, surveillance, automated vehicle systems and machine inspection.

2D Stabilization

Quickly remove unwanted shake and vibration from your video with the 2D stabilization feature which gives your video a clearer and smoother end result.

Video Annotations

With the video annotations tool you can easily add text, shapes, lines, arrows or other notes directly to your video to be reviewed at a later time.

Insight Features


Real-time processing with minimal added latency

Processes videos up to 1920x1080 resolution at 60Hz

Lightweight, military designed construction

User adjustments via API commands or remote java client

Image sharpening and enhancement

Enhancement of surface and edge detail

Color enhancement

Chroma key functionality for video or text overlays

Selectable video enhancement viewing region

AC power input


H.264 and H.265 decoding/encoding of video streams

Jetson TX2, 256-core CUDA GPGPU

3G SDI input and output with loop-back

HDMI input and output

Weighs less than 4.5lbs.


90-264VAC support

Rack mount tray

Advanced Temporal Noise Reduction (ATNR) algorithm

Edge detection algorithm

Tech Specs


Download for features, tech specs, and mechanical drawings to see if the Insight Video Processor is the right fit for your program.

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