ZMicro designs and manufactures customizable rugged computing solutions that can be configured to meet unique program requirements. Our product solution offerings include: high-performance serversmodular flat panel displays, resilient mass data storage systems, real-time video enhancement solutions, and video management software.

ZMicro has been supplying MIL-SPEC computing solutions to U.S. military and intelligence system integrators for more than 30 years and has earned a reputation for superior product quality, reliability, and performance. We understand the challenges customers face and have the expertise and resources to address stringent and complex program requirements.





San Diego, Ca


Mission Statement

To Advance the field of deployable hardware with high performance technology

ZMicro started out as a key supplier to the former Sun Microsystems and its community of federal systems integrators. From its humble beginnings in the founder’s kitchen, ZMicro now occupies a 36,000 sq. ft. headquarters — including full design and manufacturing capabilities — located in San Diego, California and has more than 60 employees. ZMicro has the capability to solve customer problems by designing solutions from concepts all the way into full rate production. And as a small and agile organization, we can perform this quickly.

In addition to our military markets focus, ZMicro has also been successful in re-purposing technology initially developed for these markets to create new products for the medical, broadcasting and transportation industries.

There are numerous benefits to customers in taking this approach because military technology is generally highly reliable and can be readily adapted to provide innovative capabilities. For example, ZMicro’s adaptation of real-time image enhancement technology developed for aerial surveillance is now being used in the medical industry to improve visibility during minimally invasive surgeries.

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