Creating standout products doesn’t just happen by chance. ZMicro relies on a combination of innovative and proven manufacturing processes that have a direct impact on the end-user experience, including:

  • 5S Lean: lean manufacturing operates on the principle that everything you do in your work processes should add value, striving to preserve value while eliminating unnecessary work and reducing waste;
  • Cellular Manufacturing: seeks to arrange equipment and workstations to facilitate small lot, continuous flow production. All operations that are necessary to produce a component or sub-assembly are performed in close proximity. These layouts are more robust to handle machine breakdowns. In addition, material flow is significantly improved, which reduces the distance traveled by materials, inventory, and people. This then enables faster manufacturing response times, faster order fulfillment, and reliable on-time deliveries;
  • Peer Review and Paperless Assembly: a stringent process of ongoing inspections, combined with the use of VisualFactory™ paperless assembly instructions. By using visual methods to convey information such as signs, charts along with andons (signal lights to indicate which workstation has a problem), information is easily accessible to those who need it. This ensures that the current status of all processes is immediately apparent while producing efficient and timely communication that reduces errors and allows organizations to function at their full potential.

ZMicro is proud of our well-organized, quality-focused, clean and efficient operation and we welcome customers to tour our production facility and see our manufacturing processes in action.

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