There is no such thing as a standard military display. Displays are used in a wide variety of military applications ranging from ultra-rugged compact in-vehicle form factors to large high-resolution multi-screen video wall systems used in mission control centers and everything in between. Video input and output requirements run the gamut and can include various configurations of HD-SDI, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, NTSC, PAL, LVDS, RS170, USB, RS232, RS422, CANbus, and even custom interfaces. To meet the diverse needs of military display applications, ZMicro created its own propriety video controllers.

By using our own video controllers, we are able to offer a number of advantages to military customers.

  1. Our controllers are specifically designed to be rugged and have a track record of field-proven dependability.
  2. They are built for long-term program support with the ability to interface with many types of COTS glass. This shields customers from end-of-life cycles problems because when their particular COTS glass panel is discontinued by the manufacturer, they can easily replace it with another panel.
  3. Since we control our own electronics, we can quickly and easily update controller firmware to support any unique or custom video signals as needed.

Low Latency Controller

ZMicro’s low latency controller is designed for indirect vision applications such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or windowless vehicles. It combines an integrated power supply, video controller and touch controller in a single module with Mil-38999 high-performance cylindrical input connectors.


WUXGA Controller

Designed for airborne, shipboard, and GCS applications, ZMicro’s WUXGA controller utilizes a modular architecture that separates the main controller from video inputs. This makes it fast and easy to customize the selection of video input cards for specific applications. Controller cards can be stacked to support up to 6 independent video windows. The WUXGA controller supports ZMicro’s Real-Time Enhanced Video (RTEV) processing and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) capabilities.

4K Video Controller

4K Controller

ZMicro’s 4K controller is designed for airborne, shipboard and GCS applications in 4K. It utilizes a modular architecture that combines the main controller and standard inputs. Additionally, it provides secondary video input slots for custom modular solutions to support rapid customization. The 4K controller supports ZMicro’s Real-Time Enhanced Video (RTEV) processing. It also implements a mini-video wall concept where, instead of PIP, it supports independent windows that can be resized, repositioned, and reordered. Up to five independent videos sources are supported.

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