ZMicro Background

Founded in 1986 by Jack Wade, ZMicro began as a small systems integration company supplying Sun Microsystems hardware to the federal government. Over the past 30 years, the company has grown based on a single overriding corporate philosophy that the role of a business is to build, cultivate, and maintain customer relationships. Our organization evolved into a leading manufacturer of rugged hardware by working with and listening to our customers so that we can meet and address their needs.

Our Product Mission

Our product mission at ZMicro is to advance the field of deployable hardware with high-performance technology. The foundation of ZMicro began with a commitment that incorporated tireless work ethic, an aggressive engineering approach, and a quality promise to our customers. Today, ZMicro products are deployed and integrated into Military and DoD program platforms across the world. ZMicro has a proven track record of integrating our custom solutions with preexisting platforms. Each program has a unique set of technical requirements, operational parameters, space limitations, and budgeting factors. All of these elements receive careful attention and planning to avoid costly oversights during implementation and deployment, and realize the highest-quality product offering.

Rugged Military Technology That Is Made in the USA

ZMicro is proudly an American-owned and operated small business, developing and manufacturing rugged MIL-Spec electronics and technologies in the state of California. ZMicro products sold, foreign and domestic, are assembled at our main headquarters in San Diego, CA.

ZMicro holds no foreign investment interests and focuses on forming strategic partnerships with other American owned companies whenever possible. The majority of ZMicro’s business is in direct support of United States Military and Department of Defense (DoD) programs, such as ISR applications.

Military and DoD

Our Military and DoD clients rely heavily on us to deliver high-performance technologies that secure their competitive advantage that is required to protect our nation. For this and many reasons, ZMicro is proud of our commitment to develop, manufacture, assemble, and perform operations and necessary qualifications within the United States.

ZMicro believes in supporting working partnerships with suppliers to acquire and ensure high quality and long-term availability components. One of ZMicro’s business commitments is to coordinate with and build strong long-term relationships with our partners.

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