By Jacob | December 15, 2009

Z Microsystems Receives $2 Million Order for Airborne Surveillance Program

– Rugged, high-performance workstations to support tactical intelligence collection –

SAN DIEGO – December 15, 2009 — Z Microsystems, a leading provider of mission-ready computing systems, today announced it has received a $2 million order for rugged, high-performance workstations and data storage for a forward deployed airborne surveillance program used for tactical intelligence missions.

The program involves the collection of data by sensor-equipped aircraft. Workstations and data storage equipment supplied by Z Microsystems will support tactical intelligence collection, which includes facilitating accurate weapon targeting and identifying improvised explosive devices.

“Z Microsystems has a reputation for providing military computing systems that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. This capability will ensure that field commanders have access to important and timely information needed to make critical decisions,” said Jack Wade, CEO of Z Microsystems. “We are proud to provide the systems needed to support this project and contribute to its success.”

The military program is implementing Z Microsystems’ ZXL2 workstations and TranzPak 7 data storage devices. The ZXL2 workstation is a low profile, rack mountable system with high-performance computing and graphics processing capabilities. The compact system is 3.45 inches (2U) high by 20 inches deep and supports up to three rugged hot–pluggable, removable drives, a slimline DVD-RW and a slimline floppy drive. User–friendly features include a front accessible power switch, two front accessible USB ports for rapid connectivity, and a quick-release top access cover for ease of service and hardware installation.

Optimized for rugged conditions, the ZXL2 hosts innovative PCI card hold–down brackets that secure cards in all three axes (X/Y/Z). In addition, filtered sliding front panel doors, which do not interfere with other rack–mounted equipment when opened, repel sand and dust. A robust 550W power supply supports the latest Intel Core2 Duo and AMD Opteron server boards, as well as high–power (PCI Express) graphics cards.

The rugged TranzPak 7 removable storage module provides up to two terabytes of storage capacity. It features an extruded aluminum body and die cast cam locking front panel. With the single docking station, the TranzPak 7 works like any removable drive, but its storage capacity allows more flexibility and efficiency in reproducing fielded settings in lab situation and vice versa. An operator can plug-in or remove an entire operating system, including programs and projects in any computer or storage system, in any location.

For more information, visit Z Microsystems at or call (858) 831–7054 for a demo or quote.

About Z Microsystems

For more than 20 years, Z Microsystems has been supplying superior computing technology to the US military and defense system integrators. Z Microsystems is the leading designer and manufacturer of “field–ready” computing solutions designed to meet the rigorous requirements of military and government users. Z Microsystems’ field–ready commercial off–the–shelf (COTS) products include rugged flat panel displays, rugged computers and rugged storage systems. For more information, visit

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