TranzStor 2Xe Docking System

Platform Independent Data Storage
The TranzStor 2Xe is a dual bay docking station that can be connected to any computer via a standard USB communications cable. Designed to host two removable TranzPak 2 data storage modules, the TranzStor 2Xe delivers seamless integration of your digital media for transferring data from the deployed applications back to command. Whether at the office, in a lab environment, or in the field, the TranzStor 2Xe provides Mission-Ready storage solutions to store and transport all of your digital media from one computer to another without having to transition between technology types or rely on other network access requirements.

Secure your Digital Media
The TranzStor 2Xe docking bay allows you to seamlessly and securely transport all of your digital media from other computers and workstations that support TranzPak 2 storage modules. The TranzStor 2Xe allows the user to take the whole hard drive with them, safely and securely. Without the need to duplicate and reproduce data, the TranzStor 2Xe and other TranzStor and TranzPak storage solutions can help to reduce the risk of creating errors in detailed processes and makes transporting important information for intensive software applications easy and convenient.