TranzPak 2

Demanding Environments Demand Rugged Storage
The TranzPak 2 rugged storage module is an ultra-compact and lightweight data solution for military and industrial applications. Designed and MIL-tested for computing performance in harsh environments, the TranzPak 2 delivers advanced protection for any 2.5” spinning or solid state drive (SSD). Whether collecting data in the field or reproducing those results in the lab, the TranzPak 2 offers superior protection for your digital intelligence.

Advanced Engineering. Advanced Protection. The TranzPak 2 is meticulously engineered for deployed conditions. Gaskets and thermal padding protect enclosed drives from temperature and humidity. An aluminum body with anti-corrosive sealing shields each drive from abuse while maintaining its lightweight advantages. Additionally, the TranzPak 2 features a robust cam-action insertion/extraction lever for secured operation, interlocking ribs for organization and storage, a recessed rear connector port to protect cable connections, and a recessed label pad for data identification using standard Avery® labels.

Rugged Storage with Universal Compatibility
TranzPak 2 storage modules are cross-compatible along ZMicro’s complete line of rugged computing solutions including: ZX Computer Platforms and TranzStor Docking systems. “Hot-swappable” TranzPak 2 modules offer flexibility and efficiency in deployed environments or reproducing deployed environments in the lab.