High-Performance 2U Server

Designed for ISR Applications

The ZX2C provides all the processing and storage capability of a high-end server in a lightweight package. The packaging leverages both aluminum and carbon fiber materials in its construction to provide a practical balance of rugged design and optimal weight. The ZX2C is designed both as a fully capable, dual socketed, high-end processing server and as a system tailored for weight sensitive applications. The ZX2C will meet your intensive processing requirements while still saving you valuable weight for ISR applications.

Advanced Processing

The ZX2C offers the latest computing technologies in a robust, 2U rack-mount form-factor. The system is designed around a 750W DC power supply in order to support high-end CPUs, GPUs and massive amounts of memory. The system supports a dual-socketed motherboard capable of hosting 16-core lntel® Xeon® scalable Processors, a high-end PCI-Express Graphics Card and up to 6 removable SATA III hard-drives.

Lightweight, Rugged Design

The design of the ZX2C required a balance of lightweight materials and proven rugged design features to guarantee operational performance in the most stringent of military applications. Over 30 years of hardware design expertise was leveraged to ensure full MIL-SPEC compliance for shock, vibration, temperature, EMI/EMC, and altitude specifications. The final result is a proven rugged server in a lightweight package.