Ultra-rugged. Fully Sealed. MIL-SPEC Ready. The Hydra 17.3″ ground vehicle display features a full HD display, built-in real-time video enhancement, daylight and NVIS modes, with a resistive touchscreen and customizable video controller features.

  • Hydra-17.3-Rugged-Display-Monitor

Product Highlights


An impressive 16:9 aspect ratio, full HD display (1920×1080) in a 17.3” rugged form-factor that minimizes bezel width for a more natural viewing experience in a ground vehicle.



Increase your situational awareness any time of the day with dual mode backlights providing dedicated LEDs for daylight and NVIS modes. NVIS is Class B compliant, MIL-STD-3009.


Fully Sealed Unit

The IP67 certified sealed chassis provides protection from dust particles and water intrusion keeping your display protected from some of nature’s harshest elements.

Hydra 17.3 Features


Ultra-low latency controller

Full MTL-DTL-38999 connectors

IP67 design for dust and liquid protection

Durable machined-aluminum design

Integrated heat for low temperature operation

Direct mounting via four captive screws

DVI-D video input

USB 2.0 interface for API control and touch interfaces

NVIS MIL-STD-3009 dual mode LED backlights

Optically bonded AR coating


17.3” wide aspect ratio LED display

1920 x 1080 (HD) native resolution

NVIS/daylight readable option available


5-wire resistive touch option

Innovative Technologies

Custom Video Controller

Customizable Video Controllers

Providing you flexibility for program specific requirements, ZMicro offers its own video controllers enabling rapid customization for unique video sources and signals while extending product life-cycles by supporting COTS LCD changes without impacting product form, fit or function.

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Improve Visual Clarity in Live Video with RTEV

Get more value from your video with our real-time enhancement video (RTEV) capabilities. RTEV dramatically improves visibility in fog, rain, dust, smoke, underwater, low-light, bright-light and other degraded visual environments.

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Tech Specs


Advanced engineering design provides resilience to high levels of shock and vibration, IP67 liquid and dust protection, and operation through extended temperature ranges. MIL-SPEC Certifications:

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