Technology that was initially developed for military and aerospace can often be repurposed in new applications in commercial markets. There are numerous benefits in doing this since the technology is highly reliable, readily available and easily adaptable. Video management and enhancement born from military needs have been modified to serve commercial, entertainment, medical and transportation industries. ZMicro has investigated the unique video problems airports face and have developed flexible solutions and products to meet these needs.

Video Capture and Transport

Flexible and effective video management systems require sophisticated software running on powerful hardware. Over the past 25 years, ZMicro has developed and refined both hardware and software to create an architecture that is both easy to integrate and operate. Within airports, security and logistics are becoming more and more reliant on cameras, video recording and forensics. ZMicro’s video capture and transport technology allows users to more quickly and easily see what’s what’s important.

Video Stitching

As more and more cameras are installed for surveillance, naturally, so are the number of video feeds that need to be monitored. Tracking a vehicle or object across different camera’s fields of view can oftentimes be jarring and requires additional focus as compared to only watching a single camera’s feed. ZMicro’s video stitching technology combines multiple video feeds into one seamless image which greatly reduces the effort required to analyze surveillance video..

Bandwidth Optimization

One major problem that exists as airports become filled with cameras, is network bandwidth. Every additional camera that is added and transmits video, will take up precious bandwidth capacity. Part of ZMicro’s video management is a patent pending “super frame” technology which combines video streams of numerous cameras into a single video feed that is delivered to the user. Once delivered, either the user or a triggered event, can modify this “super frame” to view any of the component video signals in full resolution in real time. This technology allows airports to continue to add additional cameras without the extremely expensive undertaking of upgrading the entire network.

Real Time Enhanced Video

Using Real Time Enhanced Video (RTEV) technology, seeing through fog, sand, smoke, low-light, dust, shadows, glare and more becomes an easier task. While RTEV is a clear fit for degraded visuals due to weather at airports, RTEV is equally adept in helping users track visual details in relatively good quality video. This easy-to-use technology extracts additional value from video feeds and provides the confidence to make critical decisions faster.

3D Scene Generation

ZMicro enables the conversion of 2D video to a 3D visual representation of captured video.  The conversion to 3D provides users a more immersive perspective on their video by providing depth to an otherwise flat video.  The increased depth and a 3D representation enables users to more naturally interprete data obtained in key video segments.

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